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And hey, it caught Ashley's eye, since she took to Instagram to share a manip of her and Zanessa "reunited." IF ONLY.

But there is a little comfort knowing that Vanessa has said she has zero regrets about her time as a Wildcat, and that includes her romance with her co-star.

) said he was happy, although he didn't know what was in store for the couple. While we want to believe all is well for Zanessa since they both are still friendly with all their former , he said they're not in touch but he did say something short and just nice about his ex. Here's the clip of the convo too, just to see it for yourselves: , she was asked during an interview what she remembers about her first love and while she didn't drop any names about who the guy she was talking about is, it's safe to assume she was reflecting on her romance with Zac. They're not even friends anymore since you know most exes just move on and that's it.

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While we all hoped Zanessa was endgame, Zac in 2010 (the same year they split!They were always checking in on each other to make sure they weren't hurt and were making it through their tough filming days up on the trapeze together. He’s this slightly awkward, nerdy kid who happens to have this life," she said to the , Philip and Anne, fall in love but this story takes place during a time when interracial couples were unfortunately frowned upon."Zac and I have really become a team, we're literally tied together up in the air, so we have to have a trust and a connection," Zendaya said in a video. While basically everyone has had a crush on Zac at some point, the starlet admitted she never really thought of him that way and because of that, she really got to know him. Basically, they have to keep their romance under wraps so when they get to finally kiss, it's a major moment in the movie."[HSM] is like home videos almost for the entire world to watch, except not, because it's way more coordinated and put together more than a home video would ever be, but I'm like a baby [in it].Everything that I've done career-wise, personal-life-wise, has gotten me to be the person that I am today and I love the person that I am today so I wouldn't change a thing.

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