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Combining armored garrisons with fortified strongholds and later, the well-ordered organization of feudalism it is no wonder the Norman Yoke held sway for six centuries.

They plowed over Hastings by sheer numbers and then erected prefabricated forts (materials for motte and baileys) with astonishing speed.

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) William the Conqueror, who is responsible for the prevailing style of medieval castles in England came from a country which had erected nearly 40,000 strongholds during the Middle Ages !

Keep in mind that there are many exceptions to a so-called prototype.

If you take a look at the aerial photos and diagrams of the castles I have put up on the various photo albums you can see for yourself how many different types of castles there are: Shell keeps (see Foreign influences come into play with configurations and features of the castles of England including those of the Crusaders but the existing ruins you will find were primarily on old local building traditions, ecclesiastical and Norman by design.

An example would be at in Dorset is a massive and impressive multivallate military earthwork.

These can be found all over England and it has been determined that at least 1,420 existed south of the line of Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland with the highest concentration of them along the southern portion and on the south coast with the largest in land mass existing in the Southeast.

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