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With its famed dome capped in gold leaf, the building is as synonymous with Vermont in the popular imagination as maple-syrup refineries, ski resorts, the rugged ingenuity of Ethan Allen and the earnest marketing of Ben & Jerry's.

As Shumlin began his speech, however, it became clear that he was less interested in extolling Vermont's pastoral reputation, as he had in the previous year's address, than in framing the experience of a resident like Eve Rivait within a larger, more ominous context.

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Before she could drive a car, Eve was training horses at various barns in the area where seasoned farmhands asked about her knack for taming those with the wildest of temperaments.Moments after injecting it into her arm, Eve was on the bathroom floor, semi­conscious and unable to move.Don't miss the top 10 weed myths and factsn the afternoon of January 8th, Peter Shumlin, the governor of Vermont, entered Representatives Hall in the Vermont State House, in the capital, Montpelier, to deliver his annual State of the State address.In February, six weeks after delivering his State of the State, Gov.Shumlin sits in his office, the panoramic view from the wraparound windows obscured by snow flurries, where he makes it clear that he wants his approach to heroin to be an extension of this pragmatism.

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