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The updated Mongo DB MMAPv1 storage engine implements collection level concurrency control while the new Mongo DB Wired Tiger storage engine further improves performance for many workloads by implementing concurrency control at the document level.Implementing concurrency control at the document level improves performance significantly when compared to the previous Mongo DB 2.6 release.

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Other engines under development by Mongo DB and the community include the Rocks DB Key-Value engine, HDFS storage engine and a Fusion IO engine that bypasses the filesystem.We also covered new security enhancements for authentication and auditing.In part 2 we covered what is new for developers and DBAs, as well as new flexibility in deploying large-scale, globally distributed clusters.The Mongo DB storage documentation highlights differences in journaling and record allocation strategies.Between 7x and 10x Greater Write Performance Mongo DB 3.0 provides more granular document-level concurrency control, delivering between 7x and 10x greater throughput for most write-intensive applications, while maintaining predictable low latency.

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