Puerto rican women dating

Whether your goals are to build muscle mass or lose fat (or both), this article applies to you.The more reading I do, the scarier and more frightening the future of the human male becomes.Also, stay away from white flour or processed sugars. Our testosterone levels reach their height from 4-6 am.Fats before bed (and right when we wake up) help raise our testosterone levels in a natural way.Testosterone levels, and sperm counts are dropping like flies.Everything around us it seems is tailor-made to diminish levels of both.I Weight loss is easy to achieve, it’s also easy to measure. All you’ve done is lost some fat, as well as some muscle.

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bulk either, it’s more of a recent development, and a goal that we really have no use for.

I like to go low carb and high fat for most of my meals.

I eat a lot of eggs, beef, chicken and so forth, and then bring in the carbs before and after my workout. Around your workout is when you need to feed your muscles. This is when you should be having an abundance of carbohydrates.

Things like plastics, soy, hot showers, tight underwear, and the ever popular ‘no fat diet’ aren’t what men need.

Of course you could just take steroids – but that’s useless too.

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