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It’s not like I have total freedom to do what I want right now.

It was this big, pink house where people get married, and there is this rumor that there’s this weird attic bedroom that they’ve never rented out and that no one could really stay in.

By the time we filmed those scenes, we had become so close that it wasn't awkward. But if we had filmed those scenes first, it would've been a lot more nerve-wracking! Towards the end, we went up to Whistler for a weekend. AC: The first day we filmed, we did a bunch of sailing stuff.

Zac was staying at this amazing place and would have us over and we'd cook dinner. We were fighting the daylight so we didn't take a lunch break - it was a super long day.

I look at movies now and there are a million factors that go into it, but first and foremost, I look at the type of movie and the messages.

It was closed off to the public, and there was just this bed in there, and it was apparently a little girl’s room.

She plays Tess Carroll, Zac's love interest and an ambitious sailor who is preparing to sail around the world when she first catches Charlie's eye.

Unfortunately, as Tess soon learns, life doesn't always deal you the cards that you had hoped for and she finds herself in a life-and-death situation with only one person who knows enough to save her.

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And even after that whole day, he stood out there for 45 minutes, signed everyone's picture, took photos, and talked to everyone. Zac awesome BUT if you could star opposite any other hot actor, who would it be? [Laughs] It's weird but I've never really been the type to have fixations on the leading man actor. I love a guy on the microphone commanding an audience.

That’s why I wanted to slow down with this and do a movie that was all about character and real people, and that was more of a dramatic type movie.

But, I know that my mom gets pissed off when she hangs out with me.

AC: I've done some of those scenes before so I was never really nervous. At first, I was like "I don't know if I really like this," but when you're sailing on your own it's a really exhilarating feeling. CG: Do you have any fun stories from when the cameras weren't filming? AC: We hung out any moment that we weren't filming - Zac, Auggie [he plays Alistair], Davy [he plays Sully].

We spent so much time together before we started filming - we had rehearsals and sailing training. Both Zac and I had personal trainers because we wanted to look like we could actually sail those boats. It was always a challenge to figure out places to go because Zac can't just go anywhere. Any crazy fan encounters when you were spending all this time with Zac?

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