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“My husband and I have itchy feet, meaning we move around a lot,” said Candi Carter Olson, a professor in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Utah State.“Logan is one of the most conservative places I have lived.

We are used to on Sunday if you would like to go out and have a meal, then you can.

This is one of my favorite posts and still stand behind all of it!

I was reading a post from Dooce today about her study. We thought this room was a dining room but now that I have this bit of information, it makes sense that this is what it was supposed to be used for because it was painted fertile earth brown and it had french doors with no handles on it. Since moving back to Denver, we've had time to reflect on our Utah experience...

“After spending three years at this school I can walk around campus and tell who is Mormon and who isn’t,” said Lexi Walker, a Utah State junior and former member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.

“I can tell by how people dress, who smokes, who glares at people sitting on the student center patio smoking.

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