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(US: clunker)bread roll or a sandwich made from it (this itself is a regional usage in the UK rather than a universal one); in plural, breasts (vulgar slang e.g."get your baps out, love"); a person's head (Northern Ireland). S., but not to define any particular type of lawyer.one-room flat that serves as a living room, kitchen and bedroom and with shared bathroom facilities (US: see SRO; compare studio apartment (in British English a studio apartment – sometimes 'studio flat' – would have a self-contained bathroom)' efficiency)(affectionate slang) the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). The British band Queen released an album called At the Beeb in the UK and it had to be called "At the BBC" for US release.a cheap or poor (repair) job, can range from inelegant but effective to outright failure. You properly bodged that up (you really made a mess of that). §§ 1602-11; and (2) whether, and what, rules govern the immunity to which international organizations are entitled if the IOIA does not afford the same immunity.Microsoft officials in Russia can, as a matter of technology, copy the contents of those email accounts and transfer the copy to Microsoft/Russia.The government argues that because emails stored in Ireland are accessible from Microsoft facilities in the United States, the production of those emails is governed by U. Speakers include Loren Ali Khan, Charles Rothfield and Kenneth Jost.More information, including registration instructions, is available here. Robbins should be overruled; and whether, in deadly force shooting cases, the U. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit erred by requiring that the jury must be instructed regarding the specific legal justifications for the use of deadly force, and that the usual less specific instructions regarding the use of excessive force are not adequate, when such a requirement is in direct conflict with the Supreme Court’s decision in Scott v.In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, this used to be the only type of lawyer qualified to argue a case in both higher and lower law courts; contrasts with solicitor. (US: botch or cob, shortened form of cobble) See Bodger.(vulgar; originally ballocks, colloquially also spelled as bollox) testicles; verbal rubbish (as in "you're talking bollocks") (US: bullshit).

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Continue reading » At Constitution Daily, Lyle Denniston reports that the Supreme Court refused on Tuesday to add a third partisan-gerrymandering case to this term’s docket, declining “to put on a fast track a case testing the constitutionality of a North Carolina congressional districting map that led in 2016 to victory for 10 Republicans and only three Democrats, despite only a slight GOP edge in voting totals statewide.” At Governing, Anne Blythe covers the Supreme Court’s partial grant on Tuesday of a request by North Carolina Republicans to block a decision by a three-judge federal court invalidating voting maps for the state’s General Assembly. § 717b(d)(3), on the basis of purportedly receiving insufficient information regarding alternative routes for the interstate natural gas pipeline, exceeds the state’s limited authority under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Natural Gas Act of 1938, interferes with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s exclusive jurisdiction over the routing of interstate natural gas pipelines when consideration of alternative routes is explicitly not part of the state’s federally-approved water quality standards, and violates the fundamental principles of federal supremacy arising from the Constitution’s supremacy clause.In its conference of February 16, 2018, the court will consider petitions involving issues such as whether the death penalty in and of itself violates the Eighth Amendment, in light of contemporary standards of decency; whether Bowles v. Harris and subsequent decisions, which abrogated the use of special standards in deadly force cases and established “reasonableness” as the ultimate and only inquiry.Continue reading » At The Daily Caller, Kevin Daley reports that “GOP Rep.The twin pulley blocks at the top of a ship's mast are also known as bollocks, and in the 18th century priests' sermons were colloquially referred to as bollocks; it was by claiming this last usage that the Sex Pistols prevented their album Never Mind the Bollocks from being banned under British obscenity laws.Related phrases include bollocksed, which means either tired ("I'm bollocksed!

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