Ed and jaclyn bachelor pad dating

The person(s) with the most votes leaves the mansion.The person left standing by the end of the season takes home the prize money and, perhaps, a new relationship.If both choose “keep,” neither gets the cash and the loot is split between the other Pad Pals.The two finalists return to the stage where Rachel reveals that she opted to share the money. For the first time in pad history, there’s a solo winner — Nick. She wants an explanation for why he did this to her.Chris admits it’s tough to watch all that went down this season on TV.He says the game got a hold of him to the point where he admits that his family was disappointed with the way he acted.Along the way, they form alliances, friendships, romances, and feuds.A group of male and female contestants come together under one roof, the Bachelor Pad mansion, where they live together for the duration of the show.

WORST Person in the World (of Reality): Let’s be honest, the weird lip pursing would be enough to make Courtney Robertson unlikeable on its own. No, she had to add bitchiness, arrogance and baby talk to the menu as well so that every time her face popped up on our TVs, a collective groan was uttered and more wine was poured.

Michael says he wasn’t ready for a long term, long distance relationship.

Rachel was later crushed to learn Michael was in a long distance relationship with someone in Chicago.

We then learn that Kalon and Lindzi are still going strong.

Of course, Erica believes anyone dating the K-man should be careful.

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