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If you decided i Books would be your book-reading app, make sure that you will never want to get the books you bought in the i Books Store to the computer.

Because you won’t access them until you buy the Mac. You can’t access, manage and read the books from your i Books library using the web browser.

That bad, because many users who consider buying a device for reading, don’t start from picking up a device, but rather compare the ebook platforms: their offers, prices, and convenience.

When you search Google for “i Books Store” and keep scrolling down the search results, you may see the site with the url address They’ve got nothing to do with Apple, although the site’s design resembles i Tunes. The good news is that there is a way to browse the i Books Store without having to buy the i Pad or Mac.

Many users start reading ebooks on the i Books and are happy enough not to try anything else.

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They are designed to help you read better (reading stats and awards), and share your passion for reading (share the book, the passage, and the review to Facebook).

Finally, there are even apps coming from small independent developers, that are more advanced and better thought out than the i Books.

Two apps from one developer, Appstafarian, show how good the book-reading app can be.

Kindle for i OS offers extended book analysis called X-Ray.

Plus you can seamlessly switch between reading the book and listening to its audio version (Whispersync for Voice).

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