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For example, I don’t teach ‘duerme’ explicitly until Unit #22, but it has usually come up by this point in the year in PQA, and even if it hasn’t, it’s easy to pre-teach it before you tackle the chapter that introduces it.

When I taught Spanish 1, this was the end of the third quarter. This will be different for everyone based on which of the supplemental activities are used, the school calendar, and additional lessons taught by the teacher.

Through comprehensible input, the SOMOS Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 curricula from The Comprehensible Classroom teach language and culture simultaneously, allowing Spanish students the opportunity to develop cultural understanding at a depth rarely achieved in Novice courses.Considering his good looks and charming personality, David was often given a title of ‘the Brad Pitt of News anchors’ by the celebrity news website ‘TMZ’.Favorite news presenter of million people, David Muir started his journalism career by working as an anchor and reporter at the New York based television station ‘WTVH’ in 1995.Most of my Spanish 1 units are available in a series of bundles in order to make purchasing multiple units easier. Click here to view a curriculum map with links to all lessons in my Level 1 curriculum, including links to the bundles pictured below: Suggested: Teach students about Felipe VI, King of Spain with a four-level embedded reading and optional grammar focus/explicit grammar notes for the Preposition de for possession.Felipe VI & De for possession Teach students about Bolivia and target possessive adjectives with a reading and activities about Bolivia.

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