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This MRDP and referral to a MEB/PEB will be made within 1 year of being diagnosed with a medical condition(s) that does not appear to meet medical retention standards, but the referral may be earlier if the medical provider determines that the Soldier will not be capable of returning to duty within 1 year.

The MEB physician or physician approval authority will review all MEB referrals to insure that MRDP has been achieved prior to initiating a medical evaluation board; coordinate inappropriate MEB referrals back through the profiling officer for appropriate disposition; and assist physician approving authorities in reconciling profiling officer’s questions and concerns about MRDP timing and MMRB versus MEB referrals.

This factor, general physical capacity, normally includes conditions of the heart; respiratory system; gastrointestinal system, genitourinary system; nervous system; allergic, endocrine, metabolic and nutritional diseases; diseases of the blood and blood forming tissues; dental conditions; diseases of the breast, and other organic defects and diseases that do not fall under other specific factors of the system.

(2) This factor concerns personality, emotional stability, and psychiatric diseases.

An MEB physician is an MTF dedicated subject matter expert trained to perform disability evaluations per guidelines established in DODI 1332.38 (see AR 40–400 for MEB process).

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(3) Those Soldiers (active duty and USAR/ARNG) who meet retention standards but have at least a 3 or 4 PULHES serial will be referred to a Medical MOS Retention Board (MMRB) in accordance with AR 600–60, unless waived by the MMRB convening authority.

The numerical designator is not an automatic indicator of “deployability” or assignment restrictions, or referral to an MEB.

The conditions listed in chapter 3 and the Soldier’s functional limitations, rather than the numerical designator of the profile, will be factors for MEB processing.

(3) A profile containing one or more numerical designators of “3” signifies that the individual has one or more medical conditions or physical defects that may require significant limitations.

The individual should receive assignments commensurate with his or her physical capability for military duty.

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