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Bryson recently co-authored a study about implicit bias, the second way robots learn our bad behavior, from things as simple as studying human languages.You know the saying: “History is written by the victors.” Take that to its logical technological conclusion: If robots learn about us just from reading everything we say or write, they will pick up on the same subtle biases that “the victors” — privileged people with a platform — perpetuate unconsciously.What men expect from sex robots seems not much different than what men have expected from women since the dawn of patriarchy: sexual availability and fulfillment, emotional labor, ego stroking, and the feigning of interest without any reciprocation.What men want is everything they demand from women, without any of the effort or care required in an actual human relationship.The only reason robots resemble us is because we design them to be that way, and we do so for a reason.The problem isn’t that the men of the future might turn into emotionless, compassionless robots themselves.In addition to questions about spending expectations and masturbation habits, Harriet wanted to know men would be interested in having intercourse with a robot.

A third of Harriett’s respondents said that if they were “in a relationship” with a sex robot, they wouldn’t have sex with anyone else.But one in 10 respondents said they would date a realistic AI sex robot in order to have a “more intelligent” partner.Even more worrisome are the 15 percent who want a partner “who would never let [him] down” or the 15 percent who want a partner who is “never sad or upset.” One in five responded that they need “a partner that is always there to listen.” Baffling is the 17 percent who responded that they want a sex robot partner “with the same interests” as theirs.So of course fear-mongering think pieces are asking: What if men grow tired of being expected to treat intimacy and sex as a collaboration?What if they weary of the pressure to have grown-up human emotions?

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