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Hot Makeup, Gerard Cosmetics, Morphe Brushes — ever heard of these brands?If you aren't an avid participant in the Instagram beauty community, you probably haven't. These labels (along with many others) have followers in the thousands — even millions — on Instagram, with near rabid devotees who sing their praises across the interwebs.They will tell you they don’t subscribe to the ‘African mentality’ of women should be this and men should be that. They are getting on quite well till one day random statement, “You should grow your hair” “Ermmm why” “You will look more ladylike. They’ve lived overseas, our ways are outdated e.t.c; but my brothers and sisters, I have discovered that this is all hogwash. I can’t imagine what my mother will say when she sees your hair like this” “Negro….” 2.

Because let’s face it…though the two daughters of this family can make restaurant-quality thin crust pizza like nobody’s business, they haven’t exactly been studying up as much on certain dishes that are usually left to the older generation. This website and blog, where we could share recipes, kitchen exploits, and other experiences from our lives in a metropolitan city, a college town, and a sleepy suburb/wherever the older kid ends up. ” K: “You did.” B: “Not like that, I didn’t.” K: “These will be the fluffiest pancakes you’ve ever had in your life. Grew up on episodes of Ready Set Cook and Iron Chef.

My point is, don’t claim to be what you’re not, because you see an attractive package. Because you got a visa to live in America doesn’t make you American. I use the word “traditional” because then it can cover men of all races and tribes.

You can’t have a woman who earns more than you” I thought it was just me but I realised even female friends and acquaintances have had similar experiences with Nigerian men from all walks of life. Many men often BELIEVE they are less traditional than they actually are.

But we know it's overwhelming to sift through hundreds of Instagram accounts to uncover the best and the brightest, so we've rounded up our favorites from each Insta-famous brand (some more familiar than others) that are beloved not only by beauty pros, but by the online masses.

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