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Later, Amber Fields and Josh Hilberling rush to the alter, then at each other.Both marriages start with "I do," but end in unimaginable ruin. Both are outgoing and adventurous and they plan to celebrate their wedding on two continents with family and friends.A four-week-old girl is kidnapped, leaving her mother in anguish and police scrambling to find her.As days go by with no sign of the baby or demands for ransom, sergeants Joe Kenda and Robert Sapp fear she's been sold on the black market, or worse.

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Then When Kenda responds to a double shooting, he and his team are soon taken down memory lane.In 2016, Jordie Hudson vanishes after a night out with friends.The only clue police have is her glasses, which are discovered in a pool of blood. Can police find her abductor before it's too late?Rare footage, and interviews with her mother, coach, and others tell the real story behind I, Tonya.On Kelly Ecker's wedding day she commits herself to Scott Samson, but he has other plans for his new bride.

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