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So the question may be for your son or his friend, but you..What are you going to do from here I’m pleased that you’ve had a mind open enough to read this, lots of parents would have simply shut down, operated from a place of pure protection and told their son that they must not see him again, threatening to take car keys, eviction, etc.Perhaps this relationship is about companionship, love, trust, caring and things like that? What would happen if the man your son is involved with was actually a decent, considerate and caring person that wants to have a real relationship with your son rather than take advantage or abuse him? In today’s “day and age” it’s expected that one’s partner is going to be “scrutinized” by family and friends. Is your son’s friend supportive of your son’s life and choices? What if that mindset that you’re so prepared to operate in catches you by surprise?Does he endorse your son spending time with friends and family? Could it be possible that despite all of those reasons that society has for damning their relationship they’re just two guys who care about each other?At the following links you can find So, now you’ve had a little time to get used to the idea…There are two possible ways you can attempt to deal with this. I’m going to assume that doing nothing is not an option.Fry brings intelligence and humor to the all of his projects.Though I’ve known Fry was gay I didn’t know much about his personal life.

What might transpire if one of them had a healthy amount of life experience to draw upon and could carry that sort of foundation into the relationship?

Maybe there’s a possibility that the old guy and the young guy have negotiated a way to be equals in a very different kind of relationship than you were expecting, than they were expecting? What would happen if you were to embrace your son’s choices here?

If it all comes apart six months later your son would be heartbroken most likely, but isn’t that true of any romantic relationship that he might enter into?

What ‘qualifications’ does your son’s friend bring to the table?

Is he a bartender at a gay club that caters to young guys that want to meet older guys? Maybe he works in human services, could be a therapist or something?

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