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Although Internet dating was considered desperate and even a bit creepy as late as the mid-1990s, the online dating industry is now worth as much as billion worldwide, according to Intelli Corp In Touch's Jason Koeppe, who also calls it "the new mega-industry." And as we see more of our friends' personal lives broadcast on Facebook and Twitter, online dating and friend-finding has not only become mainstream but also a huge business opportunity for entrepreneurs with an interest in matchmaking.From the innovative to the bizarre to the extremely specific, here's a look at a few sites that are capitalizing on unique niches and helping people hook up with like-minded companions.Whether you're a swinging Single Romulan Female (SRF) with a thing for Single Male Vulcans (SMV), or a Single White Female (SWF) with a passion for saving the environment, there is a place for you on Carter's network.The Passions Network runs on an ad-supported model and uses Google Adsense to help deliver targeted ads that fit with the interests of each member.And it surprised me how many of their [prior] dates and relationships ended because the other person [didn't share] their love for pets.

It's up to the member to decide which sites and which groups of people they are most interested in interacting with." Trek Passions was part of the original 100 sites that launched in mid-2004 in New York.

The pet won." Yao has also noticed that "single and looking" animal lovers who don't own pets would prefer to find others that share their affinity.

Thus, the motto for the website is, "If you want to date me, you have to date my pet." Date My Pet runs on funding from private investors and is free for its users.

Jessica Alter and Saar Gur started the Silicon Valley company based on the idea that one of the most difficult parts of starting a company is finding someone who shares your ideals and wants to embark on a new business venture.

The idea is to potentially match those with different but complementary skill sets and backgrounds -- for example, a brilliant coder and a marketing guru -- to bring an entrepreneurial idea to fruition as co-founders.

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