American women dating nigerian men

It is, I was told, that some Nigerian men prefer to marry nurses- it is no disrespect to those who are nurses, my mother is a nurse too- in the US because of the peculiarly affirmed good income and demand for nurses.

They come here, and they face and realize the odds in the reality.It is here that the issues of African migrants, and the multiplex challenges they face and grapple with can be cogently confronted, and even itemized.However, thematizing these issues, does not always mean resolution, but at least it enables us to view them as they are, and for what they are- as issues affecting human existence and spatial domains.Immigration and spatial movements introduce complex issues of social and interactive relations, it shifts, orders, reframes, and reconfigures, even hitherto simplistic and taken for granted idioms.In this array and rearrangement of life data, new meanings emerge and new personalities are formed, new issues also beget new challenges and modalities of change.

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