Andy and solbi dating for real

The statement was released in light of reports on "We Got Married's" possible cancellation after nine years of airing.

"It is time to reorganize and we are preparing a pilot program," a network insider said as per Soompi.

Up until early 2009 Sun Bin fans are hopeful that there is still a chance that these two will get together in real life despite the fact that Kim Sun Ah obviously only sees Binnie as a dongseng or younger brother.

Long before idols ruled the variety show WE GOT MARRIED, it was the pairing of the original couples Andy and Solbi, Crown J and Inyoung, Alex and Shin Ae and later on Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo that brought this little known program to the attention of fans all over the world.

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So lovey dovey, always kissing each other's hands, and probably the most pda couple. The one that I actually wish were real in real life So would you want we got married to come back on with some idol couples or are you not a fan? Personally I would like to see either a twice or got7 member on this show w/ another idol!Most of the content on my blog are either my own musings that i just want to share out to the world or my own spin on popular memes as taken from an asian drama addicts perspective.However, please feel free to click on submit if you have any submissions especially for the LIFE AS TOLD IN AN ASIAN DRAMA, DONNAPIES ASIAN DRAMA INSPIRED MEMES and THAT AWKWARD ASIAN DRAMA MOMENT SECTION. As proven by videos and photos, there were a lot of leaning, hugging, hand holding and tickling all done in between flirtatious hitting and giggling whenever they botch up scenes or simply forget their lines while they were shooting.Despite past issues and recent cancellation rumors, "We Got Married" is still one of the most watched weekend programs as of yet.Catch your favorite couple on the MBC show every Saturday at p.m.

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