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The bill passed its first hurdle this week, narrowly winning approval from the all-male House Military, Veterans and Regulatory Affairs Committee.

Several dissenting members said they were doubtful a problem exists.

The Republic's politics team talks the House's vote to expel Rep. Paul Gosar fueds with Democrats over his State of the Union remarks and Gov. Doug Ducey's special session on opioids, the 8th Congressional District debates and an effort to create an observance day in Arizona for Native Americans on Tuesday, Jan. Carly Henry/azcentral The Republic's politics team talks about Gov. Doug Ducey's promises in the State of the State address and Rep. Trent Franks steps down from Congress amid sex harassment allegations, the Goldwater Institute controls Empowerment Scholarship Accounts and Arizona leaders want to increase sales tax to increase school funding.

Carly Henry/azcentral The Republic's politics team talks about Gov. Johanna Huckeba/azcentral The Republic's politics team talks Joe Arpaio's run for Senate, Gov.

Doug Ducey trying to repeal 'Obamacare.' Johanna Huckeba/azcentral The Republic's political team discusses Mark Brnovich suing Arizona Regents over high tuition costs, Trump cutting a deal with Democrats and the Constitutional Planning Convention on Sept. Carly Henry and Johanna Huckeba/azcentral The Republic's political team on Sep. Hannah Gaber/In this week's episode, reporters Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, Dan Nowicki and Rob Hansen discuss the health-care bill, and how it might affect Arizonans, along with the state's school-voucher program.

6, 2017, discusses Arizona's school-voucher program potentially reaching the ballot, the future of DACA and the recent House vote on Hurricane Harvey relief. Jeff Flake's new book defends Reagan-style conservatism and critiques the Republican Party. Johanna Huckeba/The Republic's political team discusses Arizona's congress support of President Trump's agenda, the disconnect between foster families and the Department of Child Safety and a recent request for voter information.

"I’m not aware that there’s a problem with this," she said, in part because there are few formal reports from inmates about this being a problem.

Salman said she was inspired by a Colorado law passed last year that allocated ,000 to give female inmates free tampons.

In order to cover the cost of the additional products, her bill would appropriate ,000 from the state general fund to the Arizona Department of Corrections, a number Salman said she calculated because the state has twice as many women in prison as Colorado.

Most hygiene-product companies advise changing a pad or tampon every four to six hours to prevent odor and infection.

If a woman has an average menstruation of five days and follows guidelines to change her pad or tampon every six hours, she would need 20 pads or tampons per period.

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