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[Via R-INFINITY official site and Netlab] ― Japan's Shinsengumi are synonymous with the eruption of political turmoil within the country in the 1860s, spearheaded by Matthew Perry's black ships and disagreements over isolationism and foreign trade.

The group served the Tokugawa shogunate and despite only existi...― You love your favorite Pre Cures and Sailor Guardians, but how well would they fare imported into our world wholesale?

It is usually in a visual novel format where choices can be made by the players.

This week in anime, Jacob and Steve explain what's different about UMR.

This week, we explore all the ways this incredibly strange show surprised us.― Shirow Shiratori isn't a new face in the world of light novels. Or maybe it's just residue from the nasty cold I got that knocked me out for a while.

His previous series No-Rin was adapted into a popular anime series in 2014. Much fun was had pre-, duri...― Perfect Blue is best known as the film by the late, great Satoshi Kon, but years before that it was a horror novel by Yoshikazu Takeuchi.

Without further ado, we present you the updated version of top 10 otome games.

Umaru-chan is back for a second season, but if you haven't seen the show before, this vastly improved continuation might be the best time to jump in.

I gave the first Project Itoh film a so-so rating and utterly seared the second.

After two lousy-to-bad productions, could Project Itoh fin...

R-INFINITY has announced an upcoming dating sim for smartphones that purports to be the first yuri game aimed at women.

Details are limited — even a title hasn't been announced — but artwork and a tagline are available.

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