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When their proselytizing veers astray of the higher good, however, the archetype of the is born, where priests are so blinded by their fanaticism that they resort to any means necessary to fulfill their vision, no matter how diabolical.

Although Boris Karloff earned his living playing the role of a dark priest in horror films such as "Frankenstein," "The Mummy," and "Bride of Frankenstein," in real life he was known as a genuinely kind-hearted man.

Priests instinctively feel compassion for others, and this compassion can sometimes be seen as a loving light that seems to radiate from their faces.

When a Priest gazes into your space, it's almost as if they can see into the deepest reaches of your soul; effortlessly reaching inside of you if they wanted, and healing wounds you never realized existed.

In this regard, the mere act of being in the presence of a Priest can sometimes be highly therapeutic.

Genuinely warm and nurturing, Priests are passionately interested in the spiritual growth of their subjects, and can, therefore, be masterful in inspiring people to step beyond their own self-imposed limitations to embrace life more fully.

Priests are over the brim with dynamic energy, willing to serve their cause from morning to night.David Gregg Dependant on the secondary role influences of the essence twin and casting, one of the most exciting (and validating) aspects of the teachings shows how a role can be categorized into seven distinct types (or energetic flavors).A priest with a discarnate warrior ET, for example, will show that visual influence in their eyes and facial expression.Priests seemingly have this natural ability to make connections with people that no other role can emulate.Natural healers, Priests have a special gift for channeling huge amounts of healing energy.

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