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When Lamo was arrested for breaking into their systems unauthorized, he claimed that he has done these companies a favor by highlighting the loopholes in their system and has actually saved them a lot of money.

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His arrest was the first in the world where remote data intercept was used in order to gain evidence for a computer crime prosecution.His suicide is believed to be caused due to tall the mental pressure he was being made to undertake for a crime he believed he was never involved in. Kevin ‘Dark Dante’ Poulsen Kevin Poulsen has two attributes that make him stand out from the rest of the hackers.He was the first American who was made to serve an internet and computer ban after being released from prison and was had gained a specialty in hacking only through telephone lines.Adrian Lamo, on the other hand, has been known as a ‘Grey Hat’ hacker since he has done work for either side.He first gained attention when he managed to hack into the systems of many high-profile companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, The New York Times and many others.

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