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in fact, in their stories, something always does seem to die in their car, on the doorsteps of the homes they were just evicted from, or in that Denny's bathroom at 4am: their former selves who embraced extremely low standards - or no standards - for their lives.Flash forward 10 years and they’re living in the home of their wildest dreams, married to their Princess/Prince of Arabia, acting as principle advisor to the Supreme Galactic Council and serving as general champion for humanity across the land.The good news is you get to decide what your Showering-At-Denny's moment looks like, when you just can’t fucking take it anymore. Brad Snyder still sees the pool spread out around him, vivid as ever, his blindness be damned, as sure as he can feel the water against his limbs.“I’m going to embrace it wholeheartedly.” [Photos: Brad Snyder finds new horizons in the swimming pool] The military man in Snyder has come to think of the quadrennial Paralympic Summer Games as deployments.In 2012, even as he was trying to make sense of this new, darkened world he had unwittingly entered, he was “deployed” to London, where he came back with two gold medals and one silver.Tony Robbins reminded me recently at the seminar I recently attended with The Daily Love gang: “If you want to raise the quality of your life, raise your standards.”Tony Robbins says his SAD moment did NOT come when he slept in a car, which he did, but a few years later when he held an eviction notice in his sober but big, fat, junk-food grubbing hands in a tiny Venice, CA, apartment. You'll know when you finally hit your ultimate SAD moment because your whole body will come alive and say "No More!! probably with much more colorful language and absolutely with a conviction that ensures life will never again look the same for you.

Me, a few months back I moved into a home I wasn’t happy living in.You don't have to lose your family and sleep in the bus station to get that the life you've been living isn't really working and begin creating real change.You might have to experience being destitute in spirit, however, in the sense that you’ve finally and completely lost all hope that your current life strategies will ever work to make you authentically happy.Rather than taking steps to get out of there quickly, I painted my scratched-up bedroom closet doors a color I call “putrefying salmon” so I could at least be more comfortable in my discontent. I should have made the space MORE uncomfortable to motivate me to get outta there!Instead, as I’ve clearly done across all aspects of my life, I tried to make my low-standards comfortable.

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