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An existence with less stress, more fun and fulfilling lessons along the way. I do however, have a system that can help you to reduce stress, increase the lightness and brightness around you, as well as enable you to move through life’s lessons with more comfort and ease. Whether you like a variety of approaches or you have a favorite, slowing down to take time for yourself can be so beneficial.

You may enjoy sitting quietly in reflection, looking at the ocean or walking in nature.

While I enjoy watching the rhythm of the waves, hiking in the woods, listening to music and painting, the main form of meditation that I practice and teach works with energy.

It utilizes visualization techniques to help be more grounded, centered and focused in the present moment.

In addition to in-person classes and group, guided meditations, I have created a way to help share this information with anyone, anywhere. Learn to meditate at your own pace, on your schedule, in the privacy of your own home.

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These energy tools are a way to consciously make changes in your reality.

Whether changing habits, enhancing communication or increasing your awareness of yourself, as spirit and your body.

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