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I’ve got one hunch, I posted twice a link to personal pictures, nothing special; but the links were mistaken for posting links for personal gain (which is forbidden).

Instead user support told me that my pictures did not comply with their posting standards and deleted ALL of my profile pictures.

I was told that payments with international credit cards should work in the near future, so you need to check.

You could also pay for them with telco micropayment services, but for one reason or another this does not work in my country.

Or they will at least tell you, the westerner, how awful siloviki men are.

I’m mentioning this because Mamba just had a Gentlemen’s Contest, which is a combination of the gift / leader game. [gifts] – Yes, a brutal man and intelligence in his eyes… Most ladies and gentlemen are not looking for a partner abroad, but with 23 million profiles, you will soon find out that there are more men and women who are actually looking for contact abroad than you might wish for.

Registration is incredibly easy as you can login with your vk, google, twitter or facebook profile.

I tried out the Facebook option and it even imported my Facebook profile pictures.

Other uses of credits are sending virtual gifts to draw the attention of this woman to your profile.

Russia and Ukraine have a lot of talented and good looking people, but mamba is maybe a good example why there are also plenty of reasons why they are economically where they are right now.

I’ve never used any of the Freemium services, because you need a Russian credit card for buying them.

On the one hand I was quite shocked that there are many more siloviki (supporting people) than I thought, on the other I was relieved by the sheer number of women despising siloviki behavior. Good pictures are quintessential for dating ladies on mamba.

This is best exemplified by the ladies’ comments on a photo of the user “Sergey Sergey” who won the Gentlemen’s contest (in parentheses if the lady has received gifts or not, all ladies are stunningly good-looking): This is how a man should look like! I would suggest to my fellow gentlemen to start taking pictures with a good camera and to ask your best buddy to take pictures on your next skiing trip with your face clearly visible in the foreground and you thinking, you will be sending those pictures to a supermodel.

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