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Or as someone else asked, how didn't we notice that Perez Hilton had accidentally become more famous than his namesake Paris?

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A major, perennial problem for those of us guys struggling to connect with women is perception. So, while the female dumpers don’t owe us dumpees any long explanation, I would still press them for honest feedback because it might just help me the next time with the next woman. ) honest feedback from the woman, don’t try arguing with her about it.The interesting thing here is that it seems to start as another analysis of hater culture, but then it does a few back-flips and turn-arounds and, oh christ, 2) Weed Maps Acquires For .2 Million. A few years ago, someone convinced me to drop the title "Best Blogs" from this annual list and change it to "Most Notable" blogs of the year. And how is it possible that more people are reading Reblogging Julia than Julia herself?Once you do get more “in touch” you will never wonder why again. Get on our mailing list for upcoming events and free POD CASTS. © 2010 All contents of these articles are the sole property of Renée Piane Enterprises & Rapid Dating LLC and cannot be duplicated or copied without permission of the author.You’ll be “in the driver’s seat” and if someone doesn’t want to date you …who cares?

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