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My cock hardened and I pulled her tighter knowing she could feel my hard-on against her pelvic.

I lovingly patted her bottom as we broke the embrace.

She had a whole set of poses planned but the hospital called and that was the only one taken. She was wearing jeans that clung tightly to her ass and a blue Chicago Bears sweatshirt.

It's yours." "Thanks." I coughed my mouth suddenly dry. She turned from the stove with the spoon still in her hand.

"I love your mother obviously more than you appreciate. She seemed less sexy, less desirable after watching the video of my mother masturbate. She was kneeling on the bed in pair of tight white panties which clung to her labia and outlined her slit in a perfect camel-toe.

We both sipped the fresh brew from our cups and then I asked, "Isn't i****t i*****l? She must have been aroused when the photo was taken.

She needs to be desired, to be held, to respond to her lover's body.

She'll never get that from a vibrator." "Oh." My cell phone began to buzz.

He began, dragging grains of spilt salt across the table top.She squeezed her big breasts and tugged on her hard nipples. Suddenly she threw the vibrator against the wall and she began crying, tears streamed down her face and she wailed in agony. My mouth was gaping open in shock as I pushed the PDA back across the table to my father. "I wasn't sure how to broach this subject with you so I thought it would be best to show you." "What's that mean? "What kind of pervert shows his own son a video of his mother masturbating? He choked, "I'm not healthy enough to have sex," and a tear ran down his face. I had never seen my father like this before he had always been a rock. "I'm sorry to hear that, Dad, I really am but what does that have to do with you showing me a voyeur tape of my own mother?She continued to pinch her left nipple she picked up a rabbit vibrator. Her bald labia was swollen and wet beneath a sandy colored landing strip of pubic hair. Even when he had been in the hospital he had shown such strength, the doctors had said that his heart attack would have killed a lesser man. Of course you know all that," he snapped back from his reminisces. The confident take-on-all-comers man's man I knew was changing into an unsure, defeated wimp. " He took a deep breath and continued, "You're not blind so I know you know your mother is a very beautiful and vibrant woman.What kind of lawyer encourages his son to engage in an i*****l act? The courts have ruled that there is a big difference in consensual i****t and abusive i****t." "Oh." I said and took a long sip from my coffee cup. Her arms were above her strawberry-blonde head like she was stretching after waking up from a nap. They sail around San Diego harbor while you eat and dance. I think it's so the execs can show off their trophy wives." Dad nodded in understanding. " "Are you k**ding, with my travel schedule I barely get home long enough to wash my underwear let alone pursue female companionship? You're the hot-shot salesman sell her on the idea of being your date. "Now look when she is in San Diego you are going to have to seduce her." Dad's eyes filled with the familiar fire of the past, "Listen here Buddy-boy, I would never ask you to do anything i*****l. I ought to kick your ass." Now that's the man I remembered. He chuckled and then he continued, "i****t laws are in place to protect c***dren from familial sexual exploitation. The man's shirt she wore was white and unbuttoned and exposed half her big round breasts. "Okay, when you were home for Christmas you said that your company was hosting a Valentine's Dinner? " "Good, ask your mother to be your date for the dinner cruise tonight when you come to supper." "Do you really think she'd fly to San Diego for something like that? I expect she will resist the idea of sl**ping with her son. I couldn't wait to return to the California sunshine. Mother called from the back of the house, "In the kitchen, Tommy." After shucking my coat I put it on the rack by the door.

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