Dating an introvert

Worst of all, they sometimes blow you off, not to fulfill some obligation, but to simply do nothing. There are many misconceptions regarding introversion. It’s often conflated with shyness, which is entirely different.Shyness is fear of social judgment, and often stems from low self-esteem. They’ve caught your eye, captured your attention, and are well on their way to stealing your heart, as well. You get your wish, and the two of you finally make the choice to go out together. When you take your date to parties, they begin to visibly wilt after an hour or two, and linger near the door, as if they want to escape.They become irritable for no reason you can discern. And if you’re an extrovert, their ways can seem vexing and difficult. The key to their secret inner lives is easily obtainable, and once you do, get ready for a relationship of unique depth and richness.

Extroverts are energized by highly stimulating socialization, like a party.The problem seems to be that we understand it too much. Accepting our own need for space and the similar or conflicting needs of other people, and respecting our own and other people’s various ways of interacting with the world—it’s all good.We wind up pulling away completely from each other, and giving each other too much room. It leads us to a level of acceptance that can only enhance our relationships and our humanity.That might be part of it, of course, but there could also be other more complex and potentially distressing reasons, such as fear, incompatibility, attachment issues, or any one of the myriad things that can cause people to drift or pull apart.The only way to work out problems in a relationship is to talk about them—in depth and at length.

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