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Driven to find answers, Doug realized that many people claimed to posses the miracle formula for health, but reliable, effective principles were often overlooked or overshadowed by clouds of misinformation.What began as a personal search for health has resulted in a complete recovery and return to the pinnacle of fitness for Doug, including a Gold Medal victory in the World Power Lifting Championships.Don Lapre was a fast-talking character who sold "get rich" opportunities for many years.His infomercials described how, while living in a "tiny one-bedroom apartment, "he became a millionaire by placing hundreds of "tiny little ads" in newspapers.Respondents are prohibited from misrepresenting earnings, making statements relating to compensation or commissions received by a participant without disclosing the percentage of participants who have received such compensation and automatically issuing account drafts unless an appropriate disclosure is made to consumers in the same place as the authorization to allow such drafts. By 2000, Lapre's "Making Money" package was tapped out.

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In 2011, in connection with his Greatest Vitamin program marketing, Lapre was charged with conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering and committed suicide two days before his scheduled trial was to begin.

" Unlike his previous infomercials, the editing and backgrounds were cheap with lots of repetition.

In addition to working with Lapre, Doug Grant has been associated with at least three other companies: Optimal Health Systems, Infinity, and Vita Quest International.

We could not find a single person who reported making a profit. Some reported never selling a single item or receiving a single call from a prospective customer.

In 1999, the Better Business Bureau of Central & Northern Arizona warned: In video tapes about New Strategies and Don Lapre's life and financial success, the company repeatedly suggests that ,000 per month or more is easily attainable for anyone, with little effort and no experience required, simply by following Don's instructions for starting a business with 900 phone numbers.

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