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When available, information is provided on surrounding demographics, and ECHO includes other EPA environmental data sets to provide additional context for analyses, such as Toxics Release Inventory data.In addition, aggregate data on compliance and enforcement activities by state are provided in the State Comparative Maps and Dashboards features. ECHO provides communities with important environmental enforcement and compliance information about regulated facilities.And one that can accurately target learning toward different people working in different roles, at every level of your business.As a lender, your training needs differ from those of other financial services organizations.The new TRID rules now leave lenders with 100% of the responsibility, which leaves mortgage pros with another challenge -- informing closers of the changes."Title insurers and closing agents across the country are going to find their roles change, where the facts will be dictated to them and they will not be in control," Middleman said.

Accuracy and completeness are critical as failure to properly prepare the forms will result in delays to a closing of a loan.Another measure generally requires that mortgage servicers provide borrowers in bankruptcy with periodic statements containing bankruptcy-specific information, as well as a modified written early intervention notice to let those borrowers know about loss mitigation options.The rule maintains a small servicer exemption for many of the provisions of the rule that generally applies to servicer of 5,000 or fewer mortgage loans for all of which the servicer is the creditor or the first and only full-service, mortgage risk management firm in the United States, specializing exclusively in outsourced mortgage compliance and offering a suite of services in residential mortgage banking for banks and non-banks.The new integrated disclosure rule is set to take effect in August 1 and is something the mortgage industry has been warned about again and again.

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