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“The miners are going to have to take out all that material as it falls,” Andres Sougarret, Codelco’s head engineer on the operation, told The Associated Press Sunday in a phone interview. —————————————————————————————- Using August 5th, 2010 as the “birthdate” of the collapse of the main shaft of the San Jose gold and silver mine in northern Chile yields: August 5th, 2010 8 5 2 0 1 0 = 16 = the personal year for the collapse of the main shaft of the San Jose gold and silver mine in northern Chile (from August 5th, 2010 to August 4th, 2011) = Surprises. A second collapse occurred on August 7 when rescuers were trying to gain access via a ventilation shaft, and rescuers were forced to use heavy machinery.

After drilling three small bore holes in recent weeks to create lines of communication with the miners and deliver basic food and medicine, Chile’s state-owned Codelco mining company will begin boring a rescue hole Monday afternoon that will be wide enough to pull the men up through 2,300 feet (700 meters) of earth. On August 23, voice contact was made with the miners. The doctor in charge of the rescue operation reported to the media that “they have considerably less discomfort than we might have expected after spending 18 days inside the mine, at 700 meters deep and under high temperatures and high humidity”.

The men have basic clearing equipment, such as wheel barrows and industrial-sized battery-powered sweepers, Sougarret said.

But when it comes time to speak about their wives and children, many of the men break down. I love you so much, darling,” says 30-year-old Osman Araya, as his voice chokes and he begins to cry. I’ll never leave you, I will fight to the end to be with you.” Araya and 32 fellow miners were trapped by the Aug. A government report from July 2010 warned that the mine owners had failed “to reinforce the roof …”. A New Orleans sheriff has denied that a 54-year-old man stood over ex-NFL star Joe Mc Knight and shot him dead after a roadside altercation, instead saying he fired three rounds from the driver's seat of his car.Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand dispelled a supposed eyewitness account which suggested Ronald Gasser, who has since been released without charge, had stood over Mc Knight yelling: 'I told you don't you f*** with me', before firing again.On Monday, the men will equal a mark set by three miners who survived 25 days trapped in a flooded mine in southern China last year. In the video, one miner explains to the family of 28-year-old Ariel Ticona that he didn’t want to appear on camera — apparently because he is shy — but that he was sending his love to them and that, according to an unidentified speaker, he “is super happy and he is super, super, super well! Chile has a long tradition in mining, which developed during the 20th century and made the country the world’s top producer of copper. ” The latest video, in contrast to the first 45-minute video released by the government on Thursday, shows little of the men’s surroundings. Although the accident itself has put into question mine safety in Chile, serious accidents in large mines are rare, as they are either owned by the state copper mining company, Codelco, or by multinational companies.

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