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And that is actually its saving grace, because it makes you laugh at the silliness of it all.

To top it off, this version comes with hardcore elements fully integrated into the whole. We are treated to blowjobs, dildo insertions, strap-on action, and full penetrative sex.

If the film lacks the peaks of evil or atrocity that characterise , it substitutes a relentless reduction of all that is human or valuable in these woman as individuals.

It distorts the way women are thought of by the male viewer in his search for sexual gratification, reinforcing myths about female sexuality which must be damaging to the viewers, to their future sexual partners, and, by extension therefore to society.

Female journalist ventures into the woods to study her fathers papers on survival techniques.

She is abused and assaulted by another group of survivalists who unfortunately for them have not such good sources.

Under current Guidelines the scenes of sexual violence are no longer considered a harm risk. Bare Behind Bars is a film which is showing its age, and the representations lack credibility by contemporary standards. It is very tongue-in-cheek and doesn't take itself seriously for an instant.

The acting is deliberately bad, over-the-top and cartoonish.

Its appeal rested primarily on the spectacle of naked women en masse, at the mercy of cruel authority, the meagre narrative moving through image after image of violation - by sex, by medical examination, by crude sex toys, by razor blades, by rats.

Their main identifying feature is that at least one of the participants is actually killed.

Banned from Television is only different in that, instead of a death being created for the work, actual death and injury is collated from a wide range of pre-existing sources to create the work.

In between scenes of them playfully splashing each other and wrestling with each other's bathing suit tops, they're murdered and/or terrorized by horrific hallucinations.

These hallucinations include seeing blood in the shower stalls (while they're trying to lather up), having giant monsters jump out of the hall closet, and seeing their faces temporarily turn into rubber halloween masks.

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