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Like my other story, this story will feature twists, turns, swearing, sex, lots of hijinx, and copious amounts of drinking-oh, and Walmart-lots and lots of Walmart. I do not own Walmart either, however, I am in possession of a few plastic shopping bags that feature the Walmart name and logo on them. Normally, I'd just go to the auto parts store to grab one and throw it in, but no, just as I was about to go in my gift decided to percolate and tell me that I would find what I'm looking for at Walmart. " I asked."Um, yeah, it won't start." She said."I could take a look at it at my house tomorrow. She grabbed her purse and a large duffle bag from the trunk of her car, then she asked something funny. She didn't have to do that, I have a fuckton of cash in the bank, but, hey, I didn't want to appear too forward. I don't remember much about my human life, but I do know that it's better to be stationary when you eat.My first priority will be Life Happens, So Just Roll With It. So here I am, in the middle of a Walmart parking lot in Montoursville, Pennsylvania installing a turn signal light at 10pm on a sultry summer evening. I live about twenty-five minutes up that hill over in Hillsgrove." I smiled at her, hoping it would ease her conscience. "I guess I don't really have much of a choice, do I? After she finished eating, she threw her trash out and we were on the way to my house.In the meantime, my gift was going into overdrive and it kept telling me, "Help her, fuck her, then change her; she's your mate, Fucker! When she leaned over to try to work on trying to remove one of the wiper blades, her tank top rose up and I could see the top of her hot pink thong. You help her change the wiper blades, take her back to your place so you can fuck her, then you sink your teeth into that delicious looking artery pulsating in her neck and change her. Now, take this opportunity to help her put in new wiper blades, she's completely clueless—she's singlehandedly dismantling the entire blade.""How's it going? "Now, sugar, how the hell am I supposed to protect you if you don't tell me how you got that bite? Sorry about my verbal diarrhea." I added at the end. It turned out to be a trap, of course, and to make a long story short, James bit me, Edward sucked out the venom, and James was killed.""Why did he suck out the venom?"Well, that was pretty rude of my gift calling me a fucker. Shouldn't it call me the 'exalted one' instead of 'fucker'? Wait a minute, did my gift just tell me that the girl with the Sable is my mate? Can I give you a hand." I offered."Um, sure." She said without turning to face me. " I questioned."From your kind." She whispered."And now what exactly is my kind? "Vampire.""I'm not gonna hurt ya, baby.""Your kind always does." She said."No, not me. ""Peter.""Oh.""Aren't you gonna tell me who you are? I introduce myself, then you introduce yourself.""Bella." She said."The name suits you, you are beautiful." I said. Bella stared at me quizzically with her chin in her hands and her elbows on the table. " I asked."Oh, something about wanting to keep me human, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, and all that bullshit." She said."So, what happened to the other two nomads? "Bella drank about half of the whiskey in her glass before speaking. At my eighteenth birthday party, I opened a present and Emo Vamp Jasper tried to take a bite out of me.

She's my mate and I fully intended to care for her every need. While I was there, I filled out a change of address card so all of her mail would be forwarded to my address. A day and a half later, her heart thumped out it's last beat and her gorgeous crimson eyes met mine. My daddy is married to one of the tribal leaders on the La Push reservation where all the shapeshifters are. "He even knows Vicky, Riley, and Bree.""Uh, right, I guess you can call your daddy, then."Shit, I've never had to deal with a daddy before. "Um, excuse me sir, but I fucked your daughter and changed her into a vampire, then when she woke up I fucked her for almost twenty-four hours straight and claimed her over and over again. They morph into giant wolves designed to kill vampires. "I grabbed Bella's keys and a few tools, threw them into a backpack, and ran to Walmart. None of the Cullen bitches could hold a candle to her.Anyway, they saved me just as the shithead was gonna drain me. I think it's so fucked up how it takes me five minutes to get to Walmart at vampire speed and twenty-five minutes by driving. I thought about what she had told me about her interactions with the Cullens.Turns out that James had lied to her all along about Vicky being his mate.""You're in touch with this Victoria? I wish we lived closer, but you gotta go where the work takes you." She said."Exactly how many vampires are you in touch with? I was working as a school teacher in Akron, Ohio until June. I put my cigarette out, pulled her into my arms and kissed her. I carried her to my bedroom and started making out with her. In no time at all we were both laying naked on my bed."Screw foreplay, just fuck me now, Peter." Bella ordered. I bet ol' Eddie boy just fell in and got his little dick lost in my ex-wife's pussy. I pounded away at Bella's pussy until she was crying out in ecstasy. I guarantee that he was swayed by his twitchy, little wife. "Hey, baby, were you like hungover or something when you got your license photo taken cause you look like shit in it." I chuckled. I'm gonna assume she lives by herself because she was carrying around an unpaid light bill and cable bill. There was also a credit card bill—no huge balance really. Before I left, I grabbed a whole mess of boxes from the basement that I kept from when I first moved here. I got back to Bella's apartment, loaded up my truck with her belongings, and left with my baby strapped safely in the passenger seat. She only had two months left until she was due to renew it. I'd been on a bit of a dry spell there." She replied. She's less than five minutes old and she's having a perfectly controlled conversation with me. There really was no mate for a mate thing going on and James was just psycho.""Smart woman. " I asked."Oh, she runs down with Riley and Bree ,every now and then, when they can get time off from work. ""Well, as far as a job is concerned I restore cars for profit and fun, but really, I'm independently wealthy.""How did you become independently wealthy? We're leaving tonight as soon as Bree gets off of work." Vicky said. " I was curious, this girl was an enigma."Just three—only Vicky, Riley, and Bree. I don't like the smell of smoke in the house." She suggested. I was laid off because of budget cuts.""Oh, I'm sorry." I said."It's okay, I didn't like the superintendent anyway. I was about to say something when Brewmaster interrupted me. I plunged into Bella's glistening pussy and started fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I felt her walls clench down like a vise grip around my cock. I inhaled Bella's sweet scent, screamed "mine," and sunk my teeth straight into that throbbing pulse point in her neck. The Jasper I knew would never have left Bella human and alone. He was brainwashed by the Cullen dogma of living life as a human even though you're a vampire. When I thought about it, there was not one Cullen that I liked. I floored the gas pedal all the way there and got there in three hours just before sun-up. I got to the bathroom and noticed the box of tampons. It looked like she had paid first month's rent and last month's rent as a security deposit when she first moved in. He took his time and made sure I was completely satisfied before fucking me." She said."You're the one that told me to screw foreplay and just fuck you! I was sitting there contemplating whether I should take her to feed or fuck her when she attacked my mouth with those gorgeous lips of hers. " She asked."Call it profit sharing, if you will." There was no better time than now so I told her about my past history with Maria and the Major. "Oh, and I'm draining the fucker if there's one mark on you! Bella had a mischievous smile on her face."Why the fuck didn't you tell her you were changed? Besides, I want to see her reaction when she finds out that she can't drain you." Bella smirked. She's exactly the kind of naughty vixen I was looking for and I found her at Walmart of all places. I looked straight at her and was met with her pitch black eyes."Get the hell into that bedroom, take your clothes off, and wait for me with your legs spread wide for me, kitten.

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