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Review: Given that they've long been one of techno's busiest live acts, it's perhaps unsurprising that Fear of an Extra Planet is Extrawelt's first album for nearly five years.We'll forgive them for taking their time, though, because it's really rather good.Extrawelt to legendarny duet, w którego skład wchodzą pochodzący z Hamburga - Arne Shaffhauen oraz Wayan Raabe.Niemcy rozpoczęli karierę na początku lat 90 od grywania w niewielkich klubach w swoim mieście rodzinnym, a już w 2005 roku światło dzienne ujrzała ich pierwsza epka„Soopertrack / The Sky Was Pink, która odmieniła oblicze gatunku minimal/techno, a jej brzmienie sprawia wrażenie świeżego do dziś.Already veterans in the field of live performance thanks to their many Midmiliz live appearances around the world, the duo also have a seriously impressive Extrawelt live show which they are currently taking on the road.BIO MARTA “The eclectic deliverer of dance floor tsunamis” One thing is for certain.R33 is the brand new Saturday series of the DOME Club.It is located in the well-known Las Ramblas, close to Plaza Real.

De los Live´s mas increibles de la escena electronica.. Extrawelt se han hecho famosos por pertenecer al roaster de Border Community lo que les ha llevado a ser solicitados en las cabinas de media Europa para llevar a cabo su directo. Su estilo ronda el electro, el house más melancólico y sonido ambient con toques tranceros de lo más psicodélico !

Its incredibly soothing and makes great use of a sample towards the end that actually sounds like it began as a persons voice until various efx were applied to it.

Certainly not for dancefloor use, but more for just sitting and listening.

U boku Niemców zagrają utalentowani polscy artyści DUSS, Christopher Grüning, Sierra Cosworth, Somakt oraz Terstin.—Przydatne linki: Wydarzenie na Facebooku:https:// Odsłuch albumu Fear Of An Extra Planethttps://

v=4-Irt3c Kzfs&list=PLq9xxpzbh41Td H04gh93KLGdv IF911Er Extrawelt live na Time Warp 2017 (video mix)https://

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