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Thought-provoking articles about our ancient history and the importance of our creation in God's own image and fall from grace.Each new false religion of the post-Flood period has sought to detract from our Creator and from our responsibilities in this life; evolution's effect is no different and it (macro-evolution) continues to lack any scientific substance. And study as needed, especially since the media continues to report this issue inaccurately.Such sediments typically derive from the weathering of pre-existing rocks on land, so it would take many years to produce all the sediments we see in the rock layers around us.(2) This whole assembly was tilted and raised above sea level.

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These include names like Gleason Archer, Michael Behe, Chuck Colson, Norman Geisler, Hank Hannegraff, C. Angular Unconformities There are many spots on earth where you can observe rock layers with this sort of pattern: There is a lower set of rock layers, often steeply tilted, overlain by an upper set of layers which meet at a different angle. A classic example of an angular unconformity is at Siccar Point, in Scotland: This shows the erosional interface between steeply tilted layers of “greywacke” rock, topped by nearly horizontal layers of conglomerate and the distinctive Old Red Sandstone.

When young Christians are taught that a young earth is an essential part of Christianity, this can and does cause some of them to lose their faith when they later encounter the evidence for an old earth in geology or biology classes.

Thus, we should be cautious about asserting that one Bible interpretation is the only valid approach.

By 1800, European geologists had realized that this sort of formation required the following sequence of events: (1) Thousands of feet of sediment accumulated underwater to form what we now see as the greywacke.

Even more sediment was laid down on top of that, to compress and cook it to form solid rock layers.

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