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Here are some benefits of creating and submitting a Google News Sitemap: Google News doesn't favor sites that use News Sitemaps in ranking results.Whether there's a News Sitemap available, Google News uses normal crawl methods to search and index all news sites (homepage and sections).A Google News Sitemap lets you control which content you submit to Google News.If you already have a web Sitemap, we recommend that you create a separate Sitemap for news content.It was reported that Anita and Gordon Roddick, who set up The Body Shop 30 years previously, made £130 million from the sale.

The lowering to less than of the monthly cost caused the company, in which Helios & Matheson Analytics Inc.

There was a media controversy surrounding claims that L'Oréal continues to test on animals, which contradicts The Body Shop's core value of Against Animal Testing.

Roddick addressed the controversy over selling The Body Shop to the world's largest cosmetics company in an interview with The Guardian, which reported that "she sees herself as a kind of "trojan horse" who, by selling her business to a huge firm, will be able to influence the decisions it makes.

Six years later, in 1976, Roddick opened a similar shop in the UK, using the same business name, colour scheme, and cosmetic lines.

In 1987, Roddick offered Short and Saunders .5 million to purchase the name "The Body Shop".

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