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NATALIE MERCHANT-“Children Go Where I Send Thee” O good Lord. REV RUN & THE CHRISTMAS ALL STARS FEATURING MASE, PUFF DADDY, SNOOP DOGGY DOGG, SALT-N-PEPA, ONYX & KEITH MURRAY-“Santa Baby” [NSFC] Oh boy is this terrible. The original is kind of funny, but this is just excessive greed.

Sarah and I both like Natalie, but jeez this song is so repetitive and so freaking long. At least it mentions a ’98 benz so it is so dated that no one plays it anymore.

She wore a blue apron and a short dress that barely covered her black panties revealing a couple of seductive hips.

Bill grabbed her firm ass cheek, but the maid tossed his hand away, so he had to get up and teach this slut how to treat male visitors of the hotel.

And like everything else bad on this record, it goes on for nearly 6 minutes. It’s finally here: Short Story Advent Calendar time.

CDs were bad for allowing people to sing for too long. If you’re reading along at home, now’s the time to start cracking those seals, one by one, and discover some truly brilliant writing inside. Order your copy here.) This story actually takes place on Christmas Eve!

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CHRIS CORNELL WITH ELEVEN-“Ave Maria” This is a nice (if not over the top–but is any version not over the top? STEVE WINWOOD-“Christmas Is Now Drawing Near at Hand” No one knows this “traditional” song, I’m sure. Even the chorus, which is so wonderfully catchy, is played like a dirge.

Late summer evening is the best time for airing outdoors.

That\'s what Susanna thought walking across a lovely meadow and breathing mild warm air.

Jill was glad that her friend\'s boy went to her house after school, because she was going to hand some magazines to his mom.

She was extremely surprised, when he told her to get naked and just five minutes later she already trembled with fear feeling his stiff cock drilling her pussy.

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