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So, just because we give you the personal touch of a small artist-run shop, don't think we're not running a first-class company here. But you won't find here one of those impersonal online shops that never tell you who is running it (you know . the types of sites that make up "certified" stickers to impress you).And because we know what we're doing, we offer big store benefits - like a 100% Happiness Guarantee even on personalized/customized ketubahs - that nobody else can.The wedding was great, and we're getting settled in our home together.

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)I can not begin to express how pleased I am with your site/work.

You made one part of our wedding planning very easy!

I have already and will continue to sing your praises!

At first, I was skeptical about ordering a ketubah over the internet.

However, any questions I had were answered promptly and kindly.

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