Teenage love and rebound dating

While lust is often fleeting, fading as two people come to know each other better, obsession sticks around.

The more time and effort invested in an unhealthy obsession the more intense the obsession can become.

Even unrequited love, love that is not returned, can become an overwhelming obsession.

They may still be trying to work out unresolved issues from that relationship.

Rebounding can feel like love for the simple reason that the people involved want to be in love.

They are used to the security of being in love and more than anything else they want to feel that security again.

Real love is nurturing and helps people grow but obsession is debilitating.

If you feel like you have lost yourself, if you are always striving to please your partner without them doing the same for you, and if you find yourself making all decisions in your life based on the feelings and needs of the other person you could be dealing with obsession.

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