Deaths from dating violence

Men, on the other hand, face other issues related to gendered expectations about violence that they, too, pay for in our justice system.

As Michelle Kaminsky writes in her book, , these situations are complex and laws and systems, outdated, are in dire need of revision.

So, what does it mean that Republicans in Congress have degraded and continue to hold up passage of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) for the first time since 1994?

According to an exhaustively comprehensive study, the U. is squarely in the middle of the global pack as far as the physical safety of women is concerned, and a large part of the reason why is our high rates of intimate partner and domestic violence.

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In the time it takes me to write this paragraph, 26 people -- given our statistics probably all women -- will be assaulted by an intimate partner in the U. In the roughly 48 hours between my writing and posting, at least six women in the US and hundreds if not thousands around the world will be killed by violent spouses.Consider Marissa Alexander who, nine days after giving birth, fired two warning shots at the ceiling to deter her ex-husband, who was chasing her through the house, having already assaulted her, with clear intent to do harm. Florida might want to spell out its "testes possession" clause in its Stand Your Ground law.Like her, most women who face these situations are either criminalized or pathologized.So, for example, homosexuals, transsexuals, immigrants and native Americans assaulted by non-Native Americans are citizens enough."Hostile," which is a word that can and has been used to describe the tenor of Republican objections, isn't just a metaphor when you are talking about thousands of people (some of whom may be homosexuals, transsexuals, immigrants or Native American women assaulted by non-Tribal men), routinely humiliated, hit, kicked, raped, stalked, beaten, strangled and murdered every day, most often by spouses.

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