Chiang mai ladies dating educated black men dating

His comments relate to the growing trend for US and UK women to travel to Thailand not simply to visit the normal tourist sites but who want to find out more about what foreign men are really up to in Thailand.'Yes it is a trend, there are actually Christian and social groups who are setting up shop trying to convert sex workers off their chosen profession.His story was featured on an internet blog posted by a younger white woman who he attempted to chat up by telling her of his sexually conquests earlier this year. 'That you had to pay for it,' replied the foreign woman; 'I've never had to pay for sex.' 'In Pattaya,' the Englishman replied, quite pleased to shock the young American woman, 'everyone does it. You should come and see.' The American woman, who was living in Chiang Mai, Thailand declined his invitation but was left wondering just what many of the foreign middle aged men, who are retiring to Thailand, are really up to.

He moved to live a more relaxed life in exotic Thailand more than three years ago.

In the last fifteen years, alongside the development of the internet, there are more people from rich countries migrating to poorer countries.

This has been picked up in the most recent report of the UN and is currently being addressed by many developed countries.

A lower but not inconsequential figure is one suggesting that 5.20% of Australians have taken the same option, many of whom make the short flight to Thailand for an alternative place to live.

British men comprise the largest number of expats living in Thailand; nearly double that of their US counterparts.

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