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Safety net provision such as (i) lack of Government guarantees on its subordinated debt, (ii) ‘Claw back provision’ in form of a surcharge on banks, and (iii) purchase price involving an average haircut of 30% on large accounts Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004, attracting an influx of foreign investment and launching a real estate bubble which burst during the financial crisis of 2007–08, leaving the countries saddled with foreign debt.Riga-based Parex Bank, the largest Latvian-owned bank, was vulnerable as it held large sums from foreign depositors (which began withdrawing assets around the time of Lehman Brothers September 2008 collapse) and was heavily exposed to real estate loans.The government founded the bad banks ("property management companies") OHY Arsenal and Sponda, which took over the bad debt.In 2015 Arsenal started the process of winding down by deliberately filing for bankruptcy.The government retained a significant equity stake in Nordea.Lars Thunell was appointed to lead Securum, supported by Anders Nyrén and Jan Kvarnström to manage its toxic book, at the time valued at sek 51 billion.200 million of remaining capital has been collected during the bankruptcy.

A bad bank might be established by one bank or financial institution as part of a strategy to deal with a difficult financial situation, or by government or some other official institution as part of an official response to financial problems across a number of institutions in the financial sector.During the Asian Financial Crisis which emerged in Indonesia and several other countries in Asia in 19, the Indonesian government established the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA) as an official body to oversee the asset disposals of an extensive number of distressed banks.The 2008–09 Belgian financial crisis is a major financial crisis that hit Belgium from mid-2008 onwards.In the Republic of Ireland, a bad bank, the National Asset Management Agency was established in 2009, in response to the financial crisis in that country.Grant Street was spun off with its own five-member board of directors and about 0 million in Mellon capital; it was named for a main street in Pittsburgh which was home to Mellon Financial headquarters. Mellon shareholders were issued shares in both the good and bad banks on a one-for-one basis, as a dividend.

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