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I stopped and asked airport workers twice, and that interaction left us a bit frustrated too (oh, let’s be honest: they weren’t helpful, and it felt … Frankly, Paris is one of those places that you to go back to, because you do spend a certain amount of time fumbling around in the dark, so to speak. For example, a sign that said RER, TERMINAL 3 would have made a lot of sense to me, and would have set us on the right path.

But then you figure everything out—what works and what you like, and where things are, and how much time to allow—and the vacation becomes everything you’d hoped it would be, only two days shorter. After all, we had to do was take the luggage fifty feet from the carousel to the elevator, go down one floor, catch a shuttle bus to the next-plus-one terminal where the train station and ticketsellers were, buy two tickets, and get on.

magazine I picked up in the airport informed us) on February 14th (and, in fact, for most of February)?

But then as the world’s most famous lovers, why WOULDN’T they be in Paris on the International Day of Love and Expensive Meals, eh?

They’re small (fit in a small purse like mine) and reasonably lightweight.

(Later our landlord agreed that Terminal 1 is, in his words, “a nightmare.”) And don’t get me started on the kiosk-computer that was supposed to sell us a ticket; even with the help of an American woman who spoke (and read) “a little” French (in case I was doing something wrong, which I wasn’t), we never could make it sell us a ticket.And now they make these “Top 10” books—Top 10 Dublin, Top 10 Paris—for people who have a limited amount of time.They give you the top ten don’t-miss spots, and then they break down each venue (the Eiffel Tower, for example) into the ten things you should see while there.We wandered through duty-free just to see what was there (forward planning for my departure in ten days)—and let me tell you, it was weird to see that much retail happening before six o’clock in the morning!Dublin has an excellent duty-free mall, by the way. Yep, Charles de Gaulle airport is just a bit confusing, and I’d done my homework, I where we wanted to go!

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