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Turner is just about to launch a 2014 census, an update to the 20 surveys and accompanying “State of the Herd” reports.

He will be collaborating this time with researchers from Salem State University in Massachusetts, and the questionnaire is being translated into several languages.

The last census included a Jungian personality test.

Most of the Bronies ended up on the “introverted” end of the scale—not shy, says Turner, but “big into looking at systems, looking at how things work,” observing the world and rationalizing it. “Fandoms are a laboratory,” says Edwards, and they are studying this one in detail.

The ad, which aimed to feature the breadth of MLP fans—military folk, moms, kids, etc.—-led to the establishment of the Brony Thank You Fund, which has raised ,000 to establish a scholarship for artists at Cal Arts, and several thousand more for charity.

The object of their intense enthusiasm doesn’t wield a light saber, or an ax, or an M-4 combat rifle, though some of them send shock waves and love power though horns in their foreheads.

No, this is not your standard sci-fi bromance, this is about man seeking pony, My Little Pony, a show designed for elementary school girls and featured on cable cartoon network The Hub.

“Cartoons for girls don’t have to be a puddle of smooshy, cutesy-wootsy, goody-two-shoeness,” she wrote in 2010.

“Girls like stories with real conflict; girls are smart enough to understand complex plots.” Aside from the tiny tots, though, it’s mostly men applauding Faust’s brand of femanime.

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    As it stands, anything currently told to a victims' advocate becomes part of public record.

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