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Health plans still try to exclude transition-related health care, providers still experience confusion and may refuse to process insurance forms. Hopefully these spreadsheets will support you and/or your loved ones in making the choices that are best for you and for them. CLICK HERE FOR THE CHOICES ARE AWESOME – TRANS CARE SPREADSHEET. Options might be contacting a consumer health advocacy organization – see that section here on the website – to get legal help or representation contesting practices, or making a choice about what sex on an intake form might get you more of the care that you need without questions (totally a personal decision! .) Note: these are guides with information that can change. The search functionality includes gender, age, distance from you, body type and ethnicity. Trans-Port PO Box 66913, Portland, OR 97920-6913 (503) 262-0912 Peer support group for all transgendered individuals, their families and friends.

The search functionality includes gender, age, distance from you, body type and ethnicity.You’ll find all types so you’re likely to find someone that matches your personal preferences. Transsexual/Peer Support Group 2400 NE Broadway Portland, OR Meets at Metropolitan Community Church of Portland.Or you can just Transgender support groups come and go. Resources PDX Portland, Oregon area transgender resource directory This is a directory, rather than a support group. M Trauma Survivor Support Group YWCA Counseling Center in downtown Portland Catherine Pivetti, MA (503) 294-7401 Ext.The once highly-vaunted South Yorkshire deal, promoted by then-Chancellor George Osborne in October 2015, finally hit the buffers on Monday after Barnsley and Doncaster councils pulled out of the planned partnership, preferring instead to take their chances as part of the ‘One Yorkshire’ idea with 15 other local authorities that is yet to secure Government support.Speaking after the meeting, Sheffield Council leader Julie Dore said she felt betrayed and spoke of a “serious failure of trust”, claiming that the towns and cities involved should have worked together in the best interests of South Yorkshire instead of pursuing their own agendas.

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