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During the war impressive strides had been made in vacuum-tube transmitter and receiver design, and Herrold's arc-transmitters were no longer commercially competitive.

In 1920 a number of radio stations in the San Francisco Bay area, employing vacuum-tube transmitters, began making regular entertainment broadcasts, most prominently the "California Theater" station, 6XC, set up by Lee de Forest, which began daily service around April 1920.

Although some of his co-workers later reported that he resumed regular broadcasts as early as 1919, the oldest documented report of his resumption of broadcasting, presumably over 6XF, dates to early May 1921, with the announcement that the school was inaugurating a Monday and Thursday night schedule consisting of records supplied by "J. Kerwin of 84 East Santa Clara street, dealer in phonographs".On weekday mornings, the morning anchor team consists of Stan Bunger, Matt Bigler and Susan Leigh Taylor.Their program includes regular talks with former Oakland Raiders coach and sportscaster John Madden.A KCBS direct mail piece claimed, "More people rely on her morning traffic reports on KCBS than on any other station." Patti Reising was a weekday afternoon news anchor in 2011.KCBS received its first broadcasting station license, as KQW in San Jose, California, in early December 1921.

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