Radiocarbon dating is fake

Scientists at the New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies use a Low Energy Plasma Radiocarbon Sampling device on a sample of gelatin at its lab near Santa Fe.

The machine is used to date artifacts by doing minimal damage to the sample.

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Round that is, like a circle, not jumping every hour from one side to the next of a 24-sided polygon.

Although we are told he was given the Kavli Prize for his work on quasars, he has also been promoting dark matter since the 1980’s, and his influence is one of the many reasons dark matter has gained such prominence.

Several decades ago it was decided to push dark matter as one of the premier open problems, using it to gain open-ended funding for a variety of projects.

One of its first recipients was Donald Lynden-Bell of Cambridge University, President of the Royal Astronomical Society.

That in itself is a clue, given that Lynden-Bell is partly responsible for much of the current confusion in astronomy.

According to Richard Newman, head of scientific research at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, every museum contains artifacts that are not what they appear to be.

That is why the mainstream never seems to make any headway on the dark matter problem (or any other problems), and why Scientific American is telling you this very week on its cover that “Dark matter may be much weirder than physicists thought.” Weirdness is very convenient when you are selling open-ended searches for manufactured things: it prevents logical questions and rational critique. – Miles Mathis -3 July 2015 physicists have becoming amazingly adept at ignoring negative data and going where the funding requires them to regardless. The sciences are no longer promoted for their adherence to truth or their ability to solve problems or even for technical advancement; they are promoted for their ability to make money.

Think back to the last time you visited an art gallery or museum.

Although I have shown the answer to the dark matter “mystery” is quite simple, those in control of physics and astronomy aren’t interested in simple solutions – or any solutions.

They don’t want answers, they want big fake questions that require big fake searches, preferably searches costing in the billions – which they can then milk from the treasuries.

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