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Even the city's alternative name of Aram (pronounced a-ram) has been linked to the Old Testament.Uz is claimed as the first-born son of Aram, the son of Shem in the genealogy of nations descended from Noah.

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The Amorites of the eighteenth century BC certainly knew it as Dimaski (according to the Ebla archives), and the Semitic Akkadians of the fourteenth century BC had adapted that as Dimashqa (as shown in the Armana letters).

The restoration of the city is demanded, but Aziru forces Egypt to recognise him first.

However, relations with Egypt are soured by constant complaints from Gebal.

Egypt still conducts profitable trade with Damas, as witnessed by the building of a series of border fortresses as the former seeks to control the Sinai.

The fortresses help to defend Egypt's trade route to Damas, which also passes through Edom and Moab at this time.

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