Dating a workaholic man

to work extremely hard, potentially make yourself ill), then I couldn’t see it working between us – I said it over the phone as well. I totally regret dealing with it like this - and told her this after as well. It was definitely, the way she was wired - addicted to the drug of work.

A few nights later she wanted to talk again, & said that she’d been thinking and:- i) She would rather know now, if I didn’t want to go out with someone who worked shifts.

If she had a weeks annual leave, she'd end up going back to work early and cancelling some days. On her day off, she didn’t seem to be able to relax with me and was snappy.

She told me she was stressed because she didn't have time to visit her parents or other family - this is because on the days she worked, she didn't do anything else, because she was exhausted.

I gave her advice all week on the phone, about stress, etc.

The night before she was going to speak to her manager, for the first time in the relationship I lost my cool, I wanted her to be in the full picture when she spoke to her manager, so I said: if in a few months, you feel that you want to work these hours, and that’s what you want in your life (i.e.

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